angular Records

More than just another record label...

Welcome to Angular Records! We hope you will enjoy these pages as much as you can enjoy the music of our artists. If you do not know any of those yet, we would like to invite you to get an initial flavor of what Angular is - here and today!

Mais tout cela n'est pas san rapport sans les enjeux liés à la vente d'une maison et aux multiples démarches qui lui sont liées. Des démarches avec le notaires aux visites en passant par tous les diagnostics nécessaires, vendre une maison peut être un processus long et difficile. C'est pourquoi il est crucial d'êter épaulé par une agence immobilière.

We at Angular have a vision of what the future can bring to us if we continue to pursue our principles - and we are proud of them. Today's world of music has become a market of arrogance, running on fast pace, fast money, fast success - and full of hopeless pitfalls for those that do not adopt to the daily trends. Many companies, big or small, tend to just see the money behind the music and not the people who make it. Every band, every single musician is an individual with dreams, hopes - and their own unique creative ideas. Writing and performing ambitious music requires tremendous creativity and therefore is living art. Yes, it is possible to sell art, but we should not reduce the value of music to prosaic turnover and profit numbers. The art always represents a part of the person who made it - consequently, without the individual behind the art like literature - the performer - the music in the end is nothing but a commercial product, and that's where we at Angular are different.

We are striving to build up a strong community of people that share more than just the expectation to sell a product on plastic with a little piece of accompanying information booklet. We want to keep the vision of the music's value for the individual alive and we are proud on the belief in our people - and the belief of our people in us! We do our best to have our bands part of the Angular family. Friendship between our artists and the label management is essential - we are convinced that an atmosphere of a pure business relationship is detrimental of what we want to build up for the future. We will not follow widespreat bad habits in the music business of e.g. writing formletters or - even worse - ignoring people that get in touch with us, be it via phone, fax, e-mail or letter. We also wish to be loyal to all our customers, ethically and musically. You can expect full customer service and a stable quality level in the future releases as in the previous ones we have promoted so far. An individual release may not be always 100 % to your taste - but be sure to find that special Angular style and spirit in there. Angular began as the German subdivision of Musea in 1995 - and we are steadily growing with powerhouse releases like you will find on our home page. In the beginning it was just the ambitious idea of one single person - but now all those people worldwide that share this vision find Angular as the place they want to be. Feel free to browse our pages and email us with your comments and/or questions...we are always here for you. That's the reason why we are proud to say: Angular Records - The Progressive Quality Company!

Dr. Stefan H. Kost