Unbedingt beachten: Dies ist ein Museum, ein Ort im Internet, wie er vor Jahrzehnten war.


04/29/2002 16:28:15 local time (IP=
dani godja
MIRACLE OF DEVASTATION DISTRO (subdivision of Beauty of Pain Records) proudly presents:

1.- NEGURA - Central European Ideological Magazine #3 (+ free CD Compilation for the first 200 copy). 40 A4 glossy pages, color cover. Interviews with Emperor, Lux Occulta, Avenger, Malevolence, Cruachan, Avrigus, Maquiavel Music and many more…, articles (Plato and Initiation unto Truth Fractals and Religions, The Dachs, Traditional Civilization, Native North American Mythology), news, 250 reviews.
5 EU (Europe)/ 5 $ (Worldwide) - (incl. P&P)

2. - BRUTALLICA Magazine #7 (+ free CD Sampler). 60 A4 pages (12 pages-color). Interviews with Mortician, Six Feet Under, Cannibal Corpse, Nile, Bolt Thrower, Dark Funeral and many others. 5 EU (Europe)/ 5 $ (Worldwide) (-P&P).
*Special Offer: If you order Brutallica with Negura you pay only 9 EU/ %2

04/29/2002 15:24:41 local time (IP=
Barbara Zielinska-Van
The only female who play electronic music in Poland,also with her friend creates VAN&BORNER duet.At present she release the newest solo album called :"Secret Garden". For more information dont hesitate ask, you want to hear her music, there you can find it too! If you want to organize any concert or distribute and promote the girls : you are welcome!

04/28/2002 16:44:22 local time (IP=
Dachaz      dachaz@sezampro.yu
Mega Hails!

I would also like to thank you for supporting the best Yugoslav band so far - TORNADO!

Mattering the web-design, I would be pleased to make you something better :))

stay metal (beta)

04/01/2002 20:14:47 local time (IP=
Nice site! Just got in.
Do you fellows like swedish
melodic/progressive rock?
Check this out!

03/29/2002 01:31:32 local time (IP=
You should let me sign with ya!!

02/24/2002 16:04:24 local time (IP=
Check out Celesty's official homepage at
Keep it metal!!

02/19/2002 02:37:45 local time (IP=
Hey there Metal fans,
Check out
Watch this space for the Fantastic FIFTH SEASON CD...............coming soon.

26.01.2002 20:55:24 lokale Zeit (IP=
Tolle Seiten, gefallen mir gut!

01/22/2002 23:14:58 local time (IP=
Hey there you progressive faces!!!
Greetings from small but proud serbian land called Republic of Srpska.

Thank you for your support of TORNADO, our best true metal band ever!

Nebojsa, Banja Luka - metal portal of Republic of Srpska.

15.01.2002 14:22:06 lokale Zeit (IP=
Hello Metal Fans,
a few month ago we called the Metal Uprising forth, and together with other supporters are trying to win back a Metal Show on German TV and are now looking for Fans, Bands, Webzines and other Metal Organisations/Businesses for support.

Please visit us Wolfsfire

01/01/2002 13:56:02 local time (IP=
Nice page. Would love to check out some of your bands

11/24/2001 20:10:41 local time (IP=
Check out the best new Metal Band of the year. Straight up! Thumpfluid is nothing but raw musical energy. A no-bullsh*t, balls to the wall metal band from start to finish. Formed in April of 1999, this Central Ohio based band has the sound for the chaos of the new millennium. Feel the grinding metal riffs that'll make your hair stand on end, and big low grooves to even out the flow of thunder. If you haven't yet, Check out Thumpfluid's Official website @ . Thumpfluid's new CD was released Oct. 1, 2001 and is already being hailed by many as one of the years best Metal Albums. Take a taste of the new sound with FREE MP3s on the official website. Visit Today.

11/21/2001 15:58:16 local time (IP=

16.11.2001 09:21:21 lokale Zeit (IP=
ussi christian absi
sehr geehrter herr kost, lieber stefan
"dein schatten" ist auf der suche nach einem label. vielleicht gibt es bei angular records in nächster zeit freie kapazitäten für dieses sehr progressive projekt. die produktion ist fertig, und musiker wie air liquide, jürgen engler, rok-it-room basteln bereits an remixe.
also ganz so uninteressant dürfte es für sie/dich nicht sein, zumal wir darüberhinaus eine starke produktionsfirma im rücken haben wenns drauf ankommt. weil werbung ja grundsätzlich nicht schaden kann: diese informationen auf dem weg übers gästebuch.
wir wünschen ihnen und ihrem label weiterhin viel erfolg, und freuen uns über eine antwort
gruss aus bielefeld und marburg
ussi (

11/01/2001 18:26:02 local time (IP=
Arman Padarian
In #117 October and Anniversary issue the journal of Classic Rock Society reviewed the CDR of ARTSRUNI!

Besides ARTSRUNI is in the play list of Planet Prog (USA, Wisconsin) and Radio Prog Holland (Holland, Heemskerk).

We are interested to establish good contacts with those interested and believe that music from ARTSRUNI can attract your attention.

At the moment we also anticipate reviews in the following edtions, both hard copy and electronic: Colossus (Finland, October issue), Backround Magazine (Holland, December issue), Expose (USA, December), Eurock (USA, our vendor in US), Arlequins (Italy, October), Traverses (France, October), Association De Rock Progressivo de Chile (Chile, October), Cranium Music (New Zealand), Spulit (Portugal), Progressive Newsletter (Germany), STRUTTER’ZINE (Netherlands) and more.

For recording contract we can suggest

11/01/2001 18:22:29 local time (IP=
Arman Padarian
ARTSRUNI, the main prog rock act of Armenia are participating in the international project KALEVALA. Yes! Great Epic of Finns is now prog. 27 bands from 11 countries will contribute their music as well. For more info go to
In the meantime you can visit the New Horizons, UK, and read their opinion about the demo CD of ARTSRUNI sent them a month ago:
In USA the review is available at Zoltan’s prog Page:

21.10.2001 15:43:00 lokale Zeit (IP=
Hallo Zusammen.
Schaut doch mal bei der Band GAS unter vorbei.

09/25/2001 22:30:50 local time (IP=
Zeimet Gilles
We got news for you. Visit our new site.

09/11/2001 23:24:24 local time (IP=
Tonny larsen     

02.09.2001 22:38:35 lokale Zeit (IP=
ACHTUNG,ACHTUNG, Te-Deum CD-Release Party am Fr.7.September nicht vergessen!!!
Im Schwimmbad-Musik-Club Heidelberg.
Plus: Trust no one ltd.

31.08.2001 23:56:55 lokale Zeit (IP=
KILLERSPEED - Online Metal Mag
New Design & more Hard Stuff!

08/26/2001 21:00:35 local time (IP=
Arman Padaryan
Hi everybody!
Fancy cool progressive rock from Armenia?
I presume you never heard of "System of a Down" and "Granian." They are just heavy and, to me, noizy.
Definitely not progressive, but Armenian.
ARTSRUNI is a comparatively new band organized in Yerevan by a group of experienced musicians. This is Art.
MUSIC DONE in DANGER and STRONG FAITH. What's the answer? ARTSRUNI (Armenia). Progressive, ethnic and representing mentality of one of the most archaic nations of the world ARTSRUNI is just another lost universe of music.
Lost and Found.
To me ARTSRUNI have a slight touch of Jethro Toe. At least flute matters in the sound they produce.
What else? Duduk! A national Armenian discovery is not yet presented in the line up, but as Vahan (the group founder, a.k.a ARTSRUNI) says it IS possible, since another his project with Chamber Orchestra HAS this uniquely sad pipe in.
Mediaeval Armenian melodies and fresh s

08/16/2001 09:12:41 local time (IP=
"full scale avalanche"<~~our site with mp3's , bio, pics, etc..

08/07/2001 20:38:22 local time (IP=
check out the group Blinkster

07/30/2001 22:54:29 local time (IP=
Marco Taggiasco
I've just bought the 2-cd set "Signs of Life" a tribute...,I'm listening to the first cd and I'll rate it very great stuff;yet I'm just a little confused by the voices around the possible vol.2 of this project.Is there anybody who can clear my mind about it?My cd set includes 21 songs and is catalogued as SKAN 8224.AR / SPV 085-10122 CD.


Marco "shineon62"

07/30/2001 09:29:28 local time (IP=
godja daniel

07/23/2001 18:08:38 local time (IP=
The setlist of Signs Of Life Vol. 2 is now also available, Sorry!

07/21/2001 08:04:02 local time (IP=
Mr. Andy     
Where is the setlist of Signs Of Life Vol. 2 ?????

07/08/2001 14:13:13 local time (IP=
Eduardo de Souza Bonadia/Strike Virtual Metal Magazine & Management
Strike Virtual Metal Magazine is a brasilian oficial e-zine that gives complete coverage for Heavy Metal, Hard rock and Progressive rock, in all sub styles

07/02/2001 11:23:47 local time (IP=
Suche Schallplatten von Klaus Kinski. Zahle faire Preise.
I´m searching for spoken word records by Klaus Kinski.

06/30/2001 10:24:54 local time (IP=
Marko, Altaria
ALTARIA is a new melodic heavy metal band from Finland including members from Sonata Arctica and Stormwing. Check out the official website

06/26/2001 11:53:34 local time (IP=
Servus Leuts!
Viele Grüße von der Band "Line 62" aus Sulzbach!
Ihr dürft natürlich auch mal gerne auf unsere Web-Site klicken und einen Gästebucheintrag hinterlassen.
Und Tschüß.

06/21/2001 11:08:03 local time (IP=
Look our homepage up! there you find our heavymusic!

and all our great King Diamond covers!

Bye bye!

06/18/2001 16:20:19 local time (IP=
Hello guy
Your site is really amazing!!!Keep on working by support the Underground!!YOu deserve all the best respect.
I am editor of INFEST MAGAZINE (also an E-zine version will be online soon!) and I am actually quite interested to know more about your work and the bands you release, in order to review/interview them for publish in both Printed and online version. SO I hope you be able to send me a complete promo pack including your latest releases. Surely, all of them will be seriously reviewed and featured in both INFEST Mag and WEBZINE.
Hopefully we can reach a mutual and honest co-operation and friendship.
Best regards

PROVISIONAL re-designed version(not offically online as yet!):

06/15/2001 22:57:33 local time (IP=
juan tapia
Saludos desde la ciudad de Mexico, espero alguien lea este e-mail y me ayude como puede conseguir los discos de Angular Records para cambio o venta
Stay Heavy
Juan Tapia C

11.06.2001 23:48:15 lokale Zeit (IP=
KILLERSPEED - The Heavy Metal Lexikon jetzt Online. Hier findet ihr Biographien, Discographien, einige auch aus verschiedenen Ländern, Kult Demos, Videos, News, Fanzines & Magazine und so einiges mehr. Also, schaut mal vorbei. Gruss THE RACK

06/11/2001 08:31:36 local time (IP=
R U A music buff ? Listen to good music and vote for the best band at Take me along with ya to meet Pamela if you win. After all, I told you about it.

06/06/2001 16:03:40 local time (IP=
Love the new MEGACE album !! You have some great bands here... keep up the good work !
"Gaining Disciples Worldwide"

28.04.2001 15:25:42 lokale Zeit (IP=
HI !!! Wir sind NOPLIES, eine Rock/Metal Band aus Balingen. Wir haben 2 CD`s am Start und sind Battle of Bands Gewinner 2000 der Tübinger Halle B27. Schaut doch mal auf unsere HOmepage und hört euch dort mal unsere Songs an..BItte verewigt euch auch in unserem Gästebuch!!! WIr suchen immer nach Auftrittsmöglichkeiten! Rock n ROll!!!! WWW.NOPLIES.DE

28.04.2001 14:53:38 lokale Zeit (IP=
Carsten Braun
Hallo Herr Dr. Kost!
Eine tolle Geschäftsphilosophie; ich hätte kaum gedacht, daß es sowas noch gibt! Wie versprochen, bekommen Sie anfang nächster Woche Post von mir. Es wäre toll, wenn wir in näherer Zukunft zusammenarbeiten könnten!
Alles Gute, Ihr Carsten Braun

04/26/2001 23:20:37 local time (IP=
Davey Lee
BYFIST " Masters of Metal " are back with vengeance to claim their rightful place in the world of Heavy Metal . Wanna know more? e-mail for FREE promokit at and visit us at

BYFIST's CD was produced by David wayne of Metal Church and Saba Records.

14.04.2001 15:38:52 lokale Zeit (IP=
hi zusammen,

wollten doch einfach mal ein bisschen schauen! ich wünsche euch frohe ostern und dicke eier, aber bitte nicht wörtlich nehmen..


Nun ist es soweit - das VOTEN für den "ERSTEN" Internet@Metal Sampler "the first" kann beginnen! Ihr findet 18 Bands zur Auswahl - saugt euch die MP3files runter und bewertet die Musik. Die "bestplazierten" Bands sind dann die jenigen, die auf den Sampler gepresst werden!

Voten für die verlosung Tonstudio beginnt auch bald ..

Heavy Metal, Black, Death, Rock, Thrash, Metal, Prog., etc. Underground-Bands (...eine "kostenlose" Plattform für Bands...), Verlosungen, OnTour-Berichte, Interviews, Reviews, CD-Tipp, Video - das etwas andere Magazin!

03/18/2001 01:38:18 local time (IP=
Andrea Belmonte
I'm writing just to invite you all to visit Antithesy Official Home Page.
What's Antithesy? It's simply a great italian rock band: in the pages you can find free mp3 of Antithesy music, Concert dates, images and bio updated every week...if you are interested in new music don't miss this'll listen again this name one

Thanx Everybody!

03/14/2001 18:01:10 local time (IP=
Tonny Larz
Keep on the good work-youré a great record company-
how would you like to see some of my work?
Im an artist on a frelance basis....and i think,that some of my things
just might me in your line of "work".....coverillustrations that is!!
if interessted please give me a call!!

02/17/2001 11:46:37 local time (IP=
FLESH GORDON seeking label great band.

01/24/2001 00:29:04 local time (IP=
sylvie braunbeck
wann kommt die nächste cromwell-cd ?

01/19/2001 15:41:13 local time (IP=
Adamakos Antonis
Hi! Behind The Mirror CD-Rom Fanzine from Greece is interested in your bands. Also any other band into underground should contact us to be presented in our 'zine.
Support the underground!Let there be metal!

12/22/2000 16:51:41 local time (IP=
Corey Schenck
Dr. Kost,
This is Corey Schenck from the American band PANGAEA. I was just browsing your website and noticed that my band's web address is no longer correct. If you would like to update it our new address is

Thanks, take care,
Corey Schenck

08.12.2000 16:40:31 lokale Zeit (IP=
hi zusammen,

bon durch break out auf eure seite gestossen. werde sie mir gleich mal in ruhe anschauen.
was mir aber gleich aufgefallen ist, ihr habt kein link von uns eingebaut. sind zwar schon richtig gute dabei, aber eben halt nur gute..also fehlt unser noch, damit es eine richtig gute linkliste wird...*lol*


Heavy Metal, Black, Death, Rock, Trash, Metal, Prog., etc. Underground-Bands (...eine "kostenlose" Plattform für Bands...), Verlosungen, OnTour-Berichte, Interviews, Reviews, CD-Tipp, Video - das etwas andere Magazin!

Die Metalmaster

11/19/2000 13:12:55 local time (IP=
richard morrey
i like your website.could you give me some imfo about final conflict as the link to them is when are they playing live etc

05.11.2000 22:37:20 lokale Zeit (IP=
Daniel Hentschke
Heute war ich zum ersten Mal bei Angular (auf der Homepage) und bin froh, dass es diese Firma in Hessen gibt. Als Bestes unter diesem Label ist Lana Lane zu erwähnen und ich würde mich freuen, mich einmal in den Hallen des Labels umzusehen. Weiterhin soviel Erfolg wünscht Daniel aus Sachsen. Ein echter Progressive Rock Fan mit der weltweit besten Band SB aus California. My official homepage is Just take a look!?

10/31/2000 19:50:12 local time (IP=
Schöne Grüße aus Köln !!!
Besucht uns doch mal unter (mp3, infos, and more) - es lohnt sich!
Vielleicht kann man ja mal was zusammen machen ?!?
Würde und freuen mal was von euch zu hören !

10/29/2000 14:37:25 local time (IP=
Tonny Larzen
As i already have purchased several of your releases,im really-
fond of your catalog....keep up the good work!!
Have a good year....................Tonny.

10/27/2000 01:25:35 local time (IP=
mark spiewak...PEARLCOPPER
that's a nice site with lot of good music...Congrats!

Want to check out my website?

Thanks for your time...And keep the fight.

Long live Rock'n Roll.

Best wishes,

Mark Spiewak,
guitarist, artist & producer.

10/23/2000 14:55:31 local time (IP=
Thomas from Germany     

Ijust want to say that Twilight Guardians is GREAT Band! We want more!

Keep melody in metal!

19.10.2000 00:52:51 lokale Zeit (IP=
Hey Leute,

wer sich für Metal aus / in NRW interessiert, sollte mal ansteuern!!!
Support your local underground!

Ansonsten: Eure BEschreibung von Hagen hört sich vielsagend an!!!

Gruß, Torsten

09/05/2000 18:34:34 local time (IP=
Underground Symphony, dass neue online Metalzine mit Reviews,Interviews,Chat und
jeder Menge Infos !!!

<a href=""><Img Src="" border="0"></a>

08/29/2000 13:46:57 local time (IP=
Wes Royer
Great label with excellent artists. Check out our interview with Angular recording artists Greyhaven at, an online music magazine:

08.08.2000 13:29:52 lokale Zeit (IP=
Great website !
I'm looking for pen-friends in Europe.

07/30/2000 21:16:56 local time (IP=
Dear mediapartner

Sicne more than 16 years "The Dangerzone" is one of the longest and still existing metalshows in Belgium.
After 8 years on Radio Toestel (which went broke), 5 years on radio Plus (which was sold to a house/dance radio station), 1,5 years on Studio Ekz, the Dangerzone almost now has been for a year on Radio Superstar. Radio Superstar is one of the two still independant Radio stations in the Region of Ghent, the third largest city of Belgium. On the last survey, Radio Superstar reach third position in most listend to in this Region, leaving behind the nationwide statons. The "Dangerzone" however is the only metalshow in this region .
As an independant Radio Show, we always can use your support.
You can mail us on the following adress:
p/a Noël van Driessche
Begonia straat 10
9552 Borsbeke (Herzele)
fax :00 32 53 62 16 32
e-mail : noe

07/23/2000 13:10:41 local time (IP=
Alain Funck
Hello fans of great progressif music!
Besides 'No Name' there's a second band from Luxembourg you should listen to at: """"
Warm regards from Luxembourg!

07/21/2000 23:53:03 local time (IP=
Luis Gabriel Zamora Rodriguez

May Angular Records live long! I love your philosophy! How can I get your catalogue?

07/11/2000 18:07:36 local time (IP=
Roman Bischof
Ich bin froh, dass es noch jemanden gibt da draussen,der sich fuer Art-bzw.Progrock begeistern kann.Wir auch ,SCHAFFENSDRANG eine oesterreichische Band,die den 70er Jahren nachtrauert, aber Kopf hoch. Eine nette Homepage und Musik von uns gibt es unter


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