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Cover: Eternity X - The Edge

Eternity X

The Edge

(SKAN 8206.AR)

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What would it be like? What would it be like, to go insane? What would it be like to be ... on The Edge? Have you ever imagined having great wealth or amazing circumstances? Have you ever watched others in agony but could do nothing but watch? What would make you snap? What would bring you to the breaking point? What would bring you to - The Edge?

Eternity X brings you to these and many other places with their new 74 minutes CD The Edge. Beyond Progressive, this album spans many musical nuances that will reach a myriad of musical tastes. Your deepest emotions will be forced to the surface with this passionate and powerful release bringing you on a journey to the Edge of sanity. Whether mellow or heavy, driving guitars or solemn pianos, The Edge is aggressive in its musical content, at the same time pampering the ears with elaborated melody lines. Meaningful, moving lyrics work on a canvas of musical colors describing people on, within and over The Edge of sanity.

This is more than just another Progressive Metal album - The Edge is a well-balanced mixture of symphonic elements, mighty keyboards, fantastic guitar solos and also uptempo Power Metal. In its beauty, this albums appeals to both metal and progressive fans as well as to any listener who appreciates a mature and passionate piece of rock music.
Eternity X is an American Universal Progressive HR/HM band consisting of five members, all from New Jersey. Eternity X has four previous releases under the name Eternity, which was changed recently for trademark legal reasons. The Never Ending Dream (1991), After The Silence (1993), Zodiac (1994, released on Angular SKAN 8209.AR), and Mind Games (1995). Having promoted all previous releases by themselves, the band also maintains personal contact with fans throughout the years through the free quarterly newsletter "Eternalize". It is also a worthwhile trip to visit their state-of-the-art homepage at

Everyone in the band is part of an acrobatic, active conceptual live stage show. They believe in the music played as all their songs have been written from personal experience or analogy - and this shows in every single note of this thrilling album!
Eternity X have toured live in Europe during March 1998 presenting their exciting stage concept. Details and photos about these shows are available at


  • Keith Sudano: Vocals
  • Robert Maziekien...(a.k.a./ Zeek): Bass Guitar
  • Jeff Shernov: Guitar
  • Jamie Mazur: Keyboard
  • Jimmy Peruta: Drums


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