MP3 Samples
each about 300kByte, only 40kBit/s

Absolutely note:
This is a museum, a place on the Internet as it was decades ago.

Get the Microsoft Windows Media Player To use MP3 get the Windows Media Player.

Or use MP3 via the Fraunhofer integrated MP3 Player.

For the Macintosh use MacAMP.

WinAMP is also an alternative for the PC.

Crises - Broken Glass

Cromwell - Burning Banners

Eternity X - Mindgames

Eternity X - The Edge

Eternity X - Zodiac

Final Conflict - Stand Up

Greyhaven - Greyhaven

Hagen - Corridors Of Time

Indisciplined Lucy - About The Black Eyed

Lana Lane - Garden of the Moon

Last Turion - Seduction Overdose

Megace - Inner War

No Name - The Other Side

No Name - The Secret Garden

Pangaea - Welcome To The Theatre ...

Relayer - Last Man On Earth

Relayer - The Teething Fashion

Sylvan - Deliverance

Sylvan - Encounters

Signs of Life - A Tribute to Pink Floyd

Traumhaus - Traumhaus

Tunnelvision - while the world awaits

Twilight Guardians - Tales of the brave

Vanishing Point - In thought

Ziff - Sanctuary

Ziff - Stories

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