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Cover: Ziff - Stories



(SKAN 8200.AR)

ZIFF - four musicians from Obrigheim / Germany who strongly stand behind their music, no matter which musical style is currently 'hip' or 'trendy'. For more than fifteen years, ZIFF have been writing songs that - if your are looking for a special category - could be called melodic Progressive Rock.

The band is very proud never to have lost or denied their musical roots. They have always followed their own vision in Progressive Rock, even at a time when this type of music was definitely 'out'. The collective experience of the group is noticeable in every song - the style of the band has developed over the years and progressed to reach today's maturity.

Now, after all these years in the Progressive Rock underground, after more and more better demo tapes, ZIFF are ready to rid themselves of the 'cult' reputation. They have been presenting their first album "Stories" on CD to a world-wide audience in early 1995.

As ZIFF have been making music over the years, they have built up a real repertoire to offer to the listener. "Stories" is a balanced collection of some great classics from ZIFF's demo tape era and also brand new songs, never released before. With this exciting mixture, the album (with a total running time of more than 70 minutes!) has a distinctive voice.

One track, "Kristall" with German lyrics, is a timeless masterpiece, written at a time in the early Eighties when ZIFF were exclusively writing in German - a real exception in the progressive scene.

As a bonus, all songs on "Stories" have been newly studio-recorded in winter 94/95 to offer state-of-the-art sound quality for the CD. "Hunter" and "Old Man's Mirror', previously released on a local sampler CD, have been completely re-arranged so as to offer all owners of the existing compilation a completely new experience in listening to them.

In "Stories" the sum of the individual tracks converge to mirror human life - the good and the bad sides. "The Book Of Life" - a symbol of humanity's fate - is brilliantly translated into an album cover by Rainer Kalwitz, an up and coming German artist of mysterious paintings.

"Stories" has been very successful all over the world. The album sold particularly well in Germany, France and Scandinavia. In August 1996 the band has been invited to play live on the big National Holiday Festival in Budapest amongst other bands like Iggy Pop, Slash, Sonic Youth and many, many others.


  • Achim Frick: Vocals, guitars
  • Marco Vogel: Keyboards
  • Michael Groß: Bass Guitar
  • Ralph Krinke: Drums

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