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Cover: Noname - The Secret Garden


The Secret Garden

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This new album of the Progressive Rock band from Luxembourg is available now from Angular Records. It offers 63 min. of excellent progressive rock, centered around the musical style of the late Seventies and early Eighties. A strong Marillion influence has inspired the five musicians from the little dukedom to develop a style with similar roots to this English band.

It was in 1988 when NO NAME was founded and they very quickly were referred to as 'Marillion from Luxembourg' by various local newspapers paying attention to the up and coming band. Not falling into the trap of just copying their idols, NO NAME developed their own style and saw their first reward in a song contest. Using the money earned, they were able to produce the demo tape "Heap Of Ruins" which was followed very shortly by the ambitious project of recording and issueing a CD by themselves.

The resulting album was called "ZODIAC". It is a 40 min. CD, released in 1993, which among other progressive jewels contained one song in Luxembourg language. 'Mat Enger Trein' (With tears in your eyes) was extremely successful in the RTL 'Luxparade' show, broadcast by Luxembourg's biggest radio station. Although being popular in their home country, the fame of NO NAME did not exceed the borders very far due to the lack of support from an international company.

However, very positive feedback came from the international Progressive Rock scene and also 15 well received gigs in 1994 made NO NAME confident they had chosen the right path. Consequently, the idea for a new, even more progressive album was born. In order not to be limited to Luxembourg, the support of an international label was sought - and found with Angular Records.

In early 1995 the recording of "The Secret Garden" was started - and has now led to this beautiful new album of thrilling music. Enjoy the two longtracks of 12 min., each taking you around the world, first with the 'Orient Express' and then with the Jules Verne inspired 'A Tale Of Mr. Fogg'. Also explore the fascinating sounds of the two Luxembourg language based tracks 'Eng Oppen Dir' and 'De Verstand'. If you like sophisticated keyboard sounds, then you will equally love the furious show of hands in 'Septagone' and the classically based solo of 'A Tale Of Mr. Fogg'.

The cover painting, based on an idea by vocalist Patrick Kiefer, combines the elements of the individual songs into an album concept.

Welcome to our Secret Garden. Join us for a jouney into the dreamworld of your imagination. You won't regret it!

NEW: No Name's famous live performance "Battlefield" finally available on the sampler "The Art Rock Collection I". Distributed by EMPIRE MUSIC (


  • Patrick Kiefer: Lead Vocals & Percussion
  • Alex Rukavina: All Keyboards & Backing Vocals
  • Gilles Loes: Bass Guitar
  • Christian Sonntag: Drums
  • Yves DiProspero: Guitar
  • Gilles Zeimet: Guitar

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