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Cover: Relayer - The Teething Fashion


The Teething Fashion

(SKAN 8203.AR)

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Angular Records goes West! After the release of ZIFF - "Stories" from Germany and NO NAME - "The Secret Garden" from Luxembourg we have taken a big leap across the ocean - and we are now back with the brand new album from the US band RELAYER - "The Teething Fashion".

Relayer from Libertyville arose from a growing pool of talent currently emerging in Northern Illinois. This five-member progressive outfit was founded in November 1991 by guitarist Tim LaRoi and bassist Tom Burke. LaRoi and Burke joined forces with local singer John Sahagian in November 1992 and with keyboardist Gregg Pannier in January 1994. With the addition of Milwaukee drummer Bill Kiser, Relayer have established themselves as a talented new rock act and are a consistent draw in local clubs.

The band has released their first Compact Disc entitled "A Grander Vision" in early 1995. This self-produced and self-financed collection of songs is a roller coaster of emotion that introduces the listener to a blend of celestial grooves filled with emotional peaks and valleys. Like their first CD, the songs of the new album "The Teething Fashion" have a unique melodic texture that paves the way for powerful lyrics. With theatrical themes such as love, anger, the power of nature, madness and passion, Relayer dive into the feelings, frustrations and doubts of a whole generation.

Relayer's local success can also be attributed to their high-energy theatrical live performance. The band's intention is to challenge the audience to listen and think, and they do just that. From progressive to country or R&B fans, the acceptance of Relayer's material and performance has been shocking. The spirit of this exciting music is now captured in the eleven songs of "The Teething Fashion".

The cover artwork already hints that Relayer are not 'just another progressive band'. You won't find any worn-out clichés of this musical style on "The Teething Fashion", but you will certainly enjoy the variety of styles presented. Pure acoustic guitar in 'My Black Cat' alongside the powerful Queen-like 'Everyday Disguise'; Arabian ethno sounds combined with majestic guitars and mighty chords in 'Cairo'; emotional vocals and melodies in the ballad 'Common Goal' - and as a direct contrast almost grungy and aggressive sounds in '... I am'. This music won't let you rest - be prepared to be surprised!

Whatever facet of progressive rock you are looking for - on this fascinating new album by one of the most promising US bands of the scene you will find it. Thumbs up for Relayer!


  • Tom Burke: Bass
  • Tim LaRoi: Guitar
  • Gregg Pannier: Keyboards
  • John Sahagian: Vocals/Acoustic
  • Bill Kiser: Drums

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