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Cover: Vanishing Point - in thought

Vanishing Point

in thought

(SKAN 8216.AR)

It was 1997 when Vanishing Point first left a smashing impression on the Australian live scene by becoming the most popular live Melodic Metal band in Australia. The response encouraged the band into recording their debut album "in thought", which is proclaimed to be the best Australian Metal Album of the year by Australia's most renowned Metal radio show 'Demon Night'.

Vanishing Point's debut opus is more than just an excellent album, it covers the full range of the melodic metal spectrum with a unique sound, drawing the listener through alternating patches of power and light. Dream Theater, Fates Warning and Queensryche enthusiasts will enjoy this sophisticated album by Australia's new Melodic Metal masters.

Vanishing Point contribute an original new element to the technical field of Progressive Metal. "This five-piece could be the biggest revelation from Downunder" is only one single quote from the enthusiastic Heavy Metal press response. No doubt, Vanishing Point is the No. 1 Progressive Metal band in Australia.

Listen to "in thought" and be prepared to be taken far beyond the Vanishing Point!

Vanishing Point Tracks and Interview available on Video!
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  • Silvio Massaro - Vocals
  • Tom Vucur - Guitars
  • Chris Porcianko - Guitars
  • Joe Del Mastro - Bass
  • Jack Lukic - Drums



The day started well with a long line of young blooded Metalheads lining up outside the venue for the first ever METAL WARRIORS - HALLOWEEN METALFEST. This was the first under age show and it proved quite successful.

However, the highlight was the ProgPower night. The venue closed the doors due to what they called a Full House. We feel that there was still room for a fair number of fans but unfortunately that was the way it turned out. We also had a special guest from our German office, Marion Riedl (Welcome to Australia). We sincerely apologise to anybody who missed out on getting in. It's been a long, long time since the prestigious HiFi has had such a big turnout. We will now seriously look into taking it outdoors in 2000.

The nights favourite was Vanishing Point, the crowd cheered and sang along to the songs. They put on a tight, graceful and perfect performance. Gary Carson from Screaming Symphony seemed to be in heaven singing along to every song of Vanishing Point (Thanks for the great night of music on the DJ desk Gary). Daniel from Modern Invasion called it "beautiful", fancy that coming from the leader of the Extreme Metal scene here in OZ! He wants to organise a show for Vanishing Point to be play alongside a number of his finest Extreme Metal acts like Destroyer and a few other Melodic Metal bands for a big mix of Metal. Let us know what you think.

Dungeon? Well, we have heard so much about this Sydney band and they finally blasted the place with their very own brand of Classic/Power Metal. Huge, they were up there with Vanishing Point and have definitely scored themselves a legion of fans in Melbourne, many saying that they were the best Traditional styled Metal band they had seen come out of this country. Expect big things from Dungeon!

Amethyst was the other highlight. Liz put on a splendid performance with her outstanding voice and Joel from Taramis got up to do a few songs with some of his former Taramis members. That would have brought back many good memories. Amethyst is a band to look out for as is Sanitys Cage who put on a fine performance which was very entertaining. Give them one or two years and they'll be up there amongst the best of them. Eyefear and Titanium also put on great shows making it a very classy night for all. We all had a big night despite being drained from all the work. Magz, Peter Fundeis and myself would like to thank you all for making the night so big!


NOISE RECORDS have asked us to assist them in bringing KAI HANSEN and GAMMA RAY to Australia for METAL WARRIORS - HALLOWEEN METALFEST 2000. Please show us your support by simply replying to us or e-mail Noise at


Vanishing Point will be playing with Yngwie Malmsteen on Thursday the 18th of November at the Palace Complex. Dungeon will support Malmsteen in Sydney. Look out for dates/times in your local press.

Special thanks also must go to Simon Cleary for stage management, Musically Incorrect and the Lukic family and of course Nik Petrov from Metal Mayhem.

Until next time take care and Hail Heavy Metal!

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