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Cover: Eternity X - Mind Games

Eternity X

Mind Games

(SKAN 8215.AR)

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Welcome to "Mind Games"! The goal of Eternity X on this CD was to create an "air" of aggression and the feel of the games people play on each other to manipulate life's circumstances. More aggressive and more heavy than other releases of this band, "Mind Games" also runs through a myriad of emotions as trademarked by the band Eternity X.

New artwork has been donned on this CD to capture the essence of what portrays the CD in the deepest sense. The world and the mayhem of the modern era as seen through the eyes of the observer, the windows to the soul.

Two bonus tracks have been added to this CD, among them 'Switchblade' which brings you into the mind of a psychotic killer and thus fits perfectly within the Mind Games theme. One song from the original Mind Games album, 'The Chase', has been re-introduced and the CD has been digitally remastered to give a great listening and emotional experience. It will give you insight on the Mind Games we are all forced to be part of.


  • Keith Sudano: Vocals, 12-string Guitar, Keyboards, Backing Vocals
  • Robert Maziekien...(a.k.a./ Zeek): Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals
  • Jeff Shernov: Guitar
  • Jimmy Peruta: Drums

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