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Cover: No Name - The Other Side

No Name

The Other Side

(SKAN 8214.AR)

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Cover: No Name - Strange Decisions

It has taken the band four years to complete their new masterpiece, but the result proves it has been worth the wait. No Name's "The Other Side" is slightly heavier than "The Secret Garden", but it also much more melodic. The new album delivers 60 full minutes of sonic power with a state-of-the-art production recorded by seasoned engineer Jean Trenchant (Manu Katché, Pino Palladino).

Spellbinding virtuoso keyboard solos, driving guitar riffs, elaborate rhythm section passages and the highly emotional vocals by Patrick Kiefer make "The Other Side" a true symphonic rock masterpiece. No Name have created several thoughtfully composed and brilliantly arranged songs for the album, among them the 36 minute opus "Tan 'Ibhan".

With this mega-song No Name pays tribute to the famous Science Fiction movie "Stargate". This really fascinating track is the band's version of the story about the door to a hidden dimension, to "the other side". Listen to the music and feel the secrets of that world behind your own reality. No Name succeeds in translating the spell of this miracle into perfect symphonic rock music. The song has been structured into 6 individual chapters, merging into each other - offering the listener a perfect and highly virtuoso blend of all kinds of progressive elements.

Around this song, the musicians have centered some more typical haunting tunes à la No Name. Amongst them is "Dolphins, Sharks and a Flood of Sunshine", a track visitors of the recent live shows will already be very familiar with. Especially for people that enjoy catchy choruses, the track "Downpour, Sunflowers and Sadness" has been added - which (no surprise!) gets - like "Mat Enger Trein" from the debut "Zodiac" - massive airplay from Radio Luxembourg, the biggest radio station in No Name's home country.

You enjoy good graphics and an amazing cover artwork? "The Other Side" has both, a fantastic painting by well-known artist Rainer Kalwitz and a 16 pages booklet full of tasteful pictures and great layout. The new band logo has been designed by Christian Göwert, who many people will know as the guitar player of the German progressive outfit Lorian. We would like to use this opportunity to pass our big thanks to Christian - and our apologies for forgetting his mention in the CD booklet.

You want to listen to more No Name music? No problem! Get your own copy of the EP "Strange Decisions", which has been released as a teaser product for "The Other Side" - but it has so much more to offer! Besides the edit version of "Strange Decisions", this album contains the following tracks: "Battlefield" (a live classic!), "De Verstand" (unreleased full-band version) and "Paris" (also previously unreleased - and a real killer song!). This mini album is not available in stores but can be ordered from Angular Records - contact us for details!

"The Other Side", released just in time to coincide with the band's 10 years anniversary, is a creative milestone for the band, documenting a new musical plateau and charting their course to success into the next millennium.


  • Patrick Kiefer - vocals
  • Alex Rukavina - keyboards, programming
  • Yves Di Prospero - guitars
  • Gilles Loes - basses, basspedals, additional guitars
  • Chris Sonntag - drums, percussion

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