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(SKAN 8213.AR)

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"Deliverance" contains eight brilliant songs that will leave any listener spellbound with their deep texture and elegant moods. Sylvan's unique combination of extraordinary vocals, unforgettable guitar melodies and cascading keyboard lines gives their music an ever-evolving palette of sound and emotion. Often compared to progressive bands such as Marillion or IQ, Sylvan successfully add a new facet to the gem of nineties symphonic rock.

From the beginning the first song "Seeking Nights" spellbinds the listener and takes him on a journey throughout the musical world of deep emotions. We learn about the fears of a man, the return of his frenzy and his attempts to escape from the shadows of the night. Out of the silence, overwhelming memories start to rise, the gates are blown wide open and darkness fills the man's conscience. The melodies of the night intrude into his thoughts and force his past to return - the acusing voice of his father haunts him without mercy.

Sylvan's strength, creating a symbiosis of ambitious lyrics and enthralling music is also the base of "Those defiant ways". The listener participates in the story of a man who left everything behind - and who came back only after a very long journey. His imagination of what liberty should be became synonymous to his own self-realization. He thought that his dream of becoming a writer could become real by just getting inspiration from the weird life in a big city, but reality showed him the other side of the coin. Moral pressure and constraints suffocated any creativity - and even his highly desired freedom did not fill the pages of his scrapbook. In despair he started to search for help in a ruthless world - until he realized that any living thing has to find its own intrinsic values. He built his entire life on fake dreams - but even after that detour he found out he was able to return without regret - Those defiant ways !

The finale of the album is also the highlight of the album. The 16 min. epic "A Fairytale Ending" is inspired by the monumental novel "Simarillion" by J.R.R. Tolkien. A long time before the "The Lord Of The Rings", a brave warrior fought a battle for glory, justice and, most importantly - love.

Persecuted by intrigues and the destructive power of evil, only the success of an obviously impossible mission can build the bridge between the hero and a lovely elf princess who is totally out of his reach. But how high will the price he has to pay for that be? The song is a mixture of traditional radio drama and symphonic rock music. It tells a legend that spellbinds the listener from the very first moment - and releases him only after the last note of the song has faded.

The band Sylvan was founded in Hamburg in 1991. At that time, singer Marko Heisig, guitar player Kay Sohl, keyboard master Volker Söhl and drummer Matthias Harder started to play together as a band - and their music was dedicated to an epic style from the beginning. Idols from that era were Marillion, Genesis, Queen and Pink Floyd. In 1995, the founding member Marko Heisig left and was quickly replaced by Marco Glühmann. Glühmann's expressive and striking voice quickly became a major trademark of Sylvan's music. Now the band's line-up has been completed by bassist Patrick Münster, who joined in 1997.

Through the years, Sylvan recorded three demo tapes that have become rare collector's items. In 1997, the band began to record their first full-length studio album - which started off with the difficult task of choosing the right selection of song material. The album was designed to represent the 6 years of the band's history - and thus, it took Sylvan a long time to complete their "Deliverance".

The result is a unique CD of approx. 70 min.; a collection of moving musical moments and enthralling stories. This is a feast for fans of Progressive Rock, this is "Deliverance", liberation through the power of our dreams!


  • Marco Glühmann - Vocals
  • Matthias Harder - Drums
  • Patrick Münster - Bass Guitar
  • Kay Söhl - Guitars
  • Volker Söhl - Keyboards

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