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Cover: Lana Lane - Garden of the Moon


Garden of the Moon

(SKAN 8212.AR)

Internationally renowned vocalist Lana Lane once again steps into the limelight with her forthcoming release Garden of the Moon. Eagerly anticipated in Europe, Japan and the United States, Lane's third release issues a powerful statement of melody, atmosphere, style and color.

Following its predecessors Love is an Illusion and Curious Goods, Garden of the Moon showcases Lana Lane's trademark soaring vocals which have been described as "clear, sweet and expressive", "sorrowful", "dramatic" and "angelic". Lane's influences combine 70's rock greats with Jazz and Big Band singers, resulting in a unique style rich from decades of musical adventure.

Garden of the Moon takes the most memorable elements from Lanešs first two releases, synthesizing the best aspects of each album. Love is an Illusion was an HR/HM phenomenon, while Curious Goods won the hearts of the progressive and art rock fans. Garden of the Moon speaks to both camps with lush, symphonic arrangements of tracks such as 'Seasons' and also with powerful, heavy rock anthems such as 'Evolution Revolution'.

Garden of the Moon features songs written by Lane along with several collaborators. Lane wrote tracks for the first time with Chapman Stick player Don Schiff (Rocket Scientists). The songs 'Seasons' and 'Eternal Waters' are evidence of this brilliant union of creative minds. Schiff previously wrote the songs 'Cold Outside' (Love is an Illusion album) and 'Take a Breath' (Curious Goods album) which were co-written with vocalist Tully Winfield. In keeping with tradition, the Schiff / Winfield team wrote a new track for Garden of the Moon entitled 'Under the Olive Tree', which features the writing team's trademark memorable choruses and haunting melodies.

Lane also collaborated with longtime friend, female rock guitarist Danelle Kern, who plays the thunderous chainsaw rhythm guitar on Garden of the Moon. Together they penned the martial yet ethereal song 'Moongarden', which contains the lyric that became the album's title. Virtuoso guitarist Neil Citron returns from the Curious Goods album to contribute stunning lead guitar parts to the album as well, adding his identifying angularly melodic touch.

Los Angeles prog rockers Rocket Scientists make up the rest of the band on Garden of the Moon. Drummer Tommy Amato, who played on both Love is an Illusion and Curious Goods, drives the rhythm section with fire and brimstone pyrotechnics. Don Schiff plays Chapman Stick on the record, creating undulating bass lines and crystalline guitar - like arpeggios with this unique instrument. Rocket Scientists frontman Mark McCrite contributes acoustic and electric guitars to Garden of the Moon along with his stellar background harmony vocals. Garden of the Moon is produced by keyboardist Erik Norlander, who also wrote and co-wrote several of the songs. Cover art is again provided by Polish artists Jacek Yerka, who painted the incredible covers for Love is an Illusion and Curious Goods.

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  • Lana Lane - Vocals
  • Erik Norlander - Keyboards
  • Mark McCrite - Guitar
  • Neil Citron - Guitar
  • Danelle Kern - Guitar
  • Don Schiff - Chapman Stick
  • Tommy Amato - Drums

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