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Cover: Relayer - Last Man On Earth


Last Man on Earth

(DAST 8218.RA)

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The third and latest CD release from this Chicago-based progressive foursome proves to be their strongest material yet. With a unique and evolving approach to progressive songwriting, Relayer continues to produce fresh intrigue among new listeners and fans alike. This great songwriting, coupled with strong performances and a "live" production style, make "Last Man On Earth" a wonderfully intimate experience.

Relayer is one of the few bands to successfully marry quality musical instrumentation and variety with catchy melodies and lyrics in its studio performances. "Last Man On Earth" is no exception. The CD does a good job of exploring the different sides of the bands creative repertoire.

Songs such as "I Destiny" and the title track "Last Man on Earth" showcase Relayer's melodic side. Whereas, songs like "We Swim" and "Paint Me Red" explore the more musically surreal aspect the band has become known for.

"Last Man on Earth" is a 'must-have' for fans of progressive rock music, but will be enjoyed by a wide range of music lovers.


  • John Sahagian: Lead Vocals and Acoustic Guitar
  • Tim LaRoi: Electric and Acoustic Guitar
  • Bill Kiser: Drums and Vocals
  • Tom Burke: Bass and Vocals

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