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Cover: Indisciplined Lucy - About The Black Eyed Girl

Indisciplined Lucy

About The Black Eyed Girl

(DAST 8219.RA)

This album hits the world right at the end of a century full of recurring nightmares, at the end of an eventful millennium. "About the Black Eyed Girl" is an allegory about life, power ... and death. It is the story of a rise and fall, of good and evil, of day and night, of black and white.

The band Indisciplined Lucy started off in the early 90's as an attempt to combine such diverse influences as King Crimson, David Bowie and Igor Stravinski. The scene was Uppsala, that dull, grey academic city just north of Stockholm. The band wanted their sound to be illustrious -- to light up the stage and to glow -- so a cello and an electric violin were brought in to give a specific air to the music.

The songs were rather complex in the beginning, but about the same time a certain black eyed girl started appearing in the lyrics. As the story of this girl and her follower, the clown Aladdin, began to develop, a transformation occurred. The songwriting grew simpler and more focused; more melodies appeared and unnecessary cosmetic elements were stripped away.

Through their many years of crafting the story, the band now presents the concept of Lucy, the black eyed girl: twelve songs that tell the story of the everyday unreality and frenzy that occurs in a western city. "About the Black Eyed Girl" is a dark, mysterious and melancholy story that makes for a very compelling debut album.



  • Pelle Lindroth: Vocals, Guitar
  • Gunnar Ístman: Violin
  • Elias Unge: Percussion
  • Jakob Luttinger: Bass
  • Lisa Fagius: Cello
  • Mikael Eriksson: Guitar
  • Arvid Nerdal: Keyboards

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