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Cover: Hagen - Corridors Of Time


Corridors Of Time

(SKAN 8220.AR)

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Hagen is the ultimate meltdown of ancient Swedish folklore and modern Metal. It's a collision at full speed which provides a violent and powerful impact. Suddenly the silent beauty of the mighty woods arises and you find yourself floating into the mist, surrounded by elves and trolls.

It all started back in 1996 when bass player Hans RosÚn asked his brother Anders to play the fiddle through a cheap guitar effect box. It was a funny and funky experience and they decided to pick out some folk tunes and make hard rock of them. One of their first decisions was that they didn't want to just put rock accompaniment to folk tunes but to achieve a wedding between the styles.

Shortly after Per Nilsson joined the two brothers. Per is one of Sweden's most promising guitar players with a modern approach to rock. Next man to join was keyboard player Hans Lundin, a veteran from the 70's. Lundin played Hammond, mellotron and synthesisers in the legendary symphonic group Kaipa and he still uses the same equipment.

Fifth man to get onboard was singer Michael Ohlsson, Michaels singing and writing is definitely of his own hard rock brew. Finally the extremely talanted drummer Patrik Jansson joined and made the group complete.

Hagen was born and the makings of their breathtaking debut was about to begin.

Front Cover Artwork and Logo: Stephanie Law.


  • Michael Ohlsson: Lead Vocal
  • Per Nilsson: 7 and 6 String Guitar
  • Hans Lundin: Hammond Organ, Synthesizers, Mellotron and Backing Vocal
  • Anders RosÚn: Electric Violin
  • Hans RosÚn: 5 and 4 String Bass Guitar and Backing Vocal
  • Patrik Jansson: Drums and Percussion

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