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Greyhaven's music can be best described as a perfect mixture of Progressive Rock, Progressive Metal and some other influences that include even New Age elements. This US band has recorded a debut album simply called "Greyhaven" that blends many different styles, but still sounds extremely consistent. The music of Greyhaven is not comparable to other bands of the Progressive genre, their surprising mixture of thrilling musical ideas is really unique and will spellbind any listener.

Greyhaven has been a band since December of 1996, when writing sessions between Nate Howard and Ethan Matthews, coupled with jam sessions with Nick Cipriano became more serious and inspiring. There was a positive chemistry that demanded attention. The band started as two guitarists (Howard and Matthews) looking for like-minded musicians with similar ideals. Since Howard was already playing with Cipriano occasionally, it made sense to form a band around this trio.

So, Greyhaven was a band with two guitarists and a drummer, thus, Matthews made the decision to further develop his childhood piano skills to help fill out Greyhaven's sound. Matthews at that time had bought a synth that he planned on using in Greyhaven at least a little, but never thought it would become one of the forefronts of the music like it did. It gave a new depth to the sound that guitars can't deliver!

From about August 1997 to February 1998 Greyhaven were in the constant process of writing material for a later release. All this time their first demo had been receiving a lot of positive press. The decision was made to record an album's worth of songs starting in mid February '98. To complicate things even more, the band had no singer until around mid February which at that time they chose Brian Francis.

After nearly a year's worth of work and re-working on the debut CD Greyhaven is now ready to finally release their album through Angular / RectAngular. Look for an album that bends your mind into many different areas, yet keeps a uniform feel about it!


  • Brian Francis: Vocals
  • Ethan Matthews: Synthesizers & Lead Guitar
  • Nate Howard: Rhythm & Lead Guitars
  • Nick Cipriano: Drums & Percussion

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