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Cover: Twilight Guardians - Tales of the brave

Twilight Guardians

Tales of the brave

(SKAN 8222.AR)

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Twilight Guardians is a Finnish band that plays Melodic Powermetal. The band has been formed in late 1996 in the city of Salo in southern Finland. Twilight Guardians started to play cover songs from bands like Helloween, Stratovarius, Rage, Gamma Ray etc. The band had a very clear vision from the very beginning to play technical and very melodic Heavy Metal.

After a while the band's own songs started to form in their unique musical style, which combines traditional Heavy Metal, classical music and also Progressive Rock. After a few home-made demos, the band went into the studio to record their "mega" succesful mini CD "Land of the Kings" in fall 1998. It was sent all over the world hoping to get a record deal. Many labels were interested in it, but Angular Records from Germany showed the most interest and the band was signed to it in spring 1999.

Through the overwhelming positive feedback of "Land Of The Kings", the band managed to play on the biggest heavy festival in Finland, Nummirock, playing with bands like Hammerfall, Scorpions, Motörhead, Danzig, Stratovarius, etc. Few other major gigs were played during the summer including two shows in Russia!

The recording for the forthcoming album "Tales Of The Brave" have taken place in August 1999. During these sessions, in total 12 tracks have been recorded. On these 12 tracks, the band's broad range of various influences and styles is well shown, all the way from high-speed Powermetal (Land of the Kings, Last of my Kind) to slow "ballads" (Snowfall, Just Let Me). The songs' lyrics are mainly representing epic themes and events.

The album material is a collection of different songs which date back even to 1996 (Angel without Wings, Night of the Black Swan). Some of them were written just before entering the studio (the "baroque" intro, Eternal Glory, Just Let Me). The bands interest to Progressive Rock is clearly shown by the track "Forgotten Land" - and the incredible "live energy" of Twilight Guardians is best captured in tracks such as "Gods of Time" and "Wings of the Gods".


  • Antti Valtamo
  • Henri Suominen
  • Mikko Tång
  • Carl-Johan Gustafsson
  • Vesa Virtanen

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