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Cover: Tunnelvision - while the world awaits


while the world awaits

(SKAN 8223.AR)

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"What the hell is that Progmetal thunder roaring from the North..." (Markus Weis, DURP)

"While The World Awaits", Tunnelvision's debut album is a mixture of present-day's roaring guitar riffs, yesterdays retro keyboards, massive drums with thundering bass and on top of it all, Hi-Fi quality vocals. This all makes CD full of powerful Prog/Fusionmetal including impressive vocal and instrumental melodies, catchy choruses and - not to forget - perplexing symphonic details!

With the 11 tracks of "While The World Awaits", the band Tunnelvision wants to express three different moods: light prosaic optimism ('Reach the moon'), sweet melancholy ('Days of joy and bliss') and anger ('Rebel' and 'After the storm'). Summing up, "While The World Awaits" is an album where talent and creativity meet excellence of production. The album has been mixed by Mikko Karmila (Stratovarius, HIM etc...)

Tunnelvision is an up and coming band in the Progmetal scene and has already caught the interest of the international press and of many radio stations with their previously released three song promo EP! Tunnelvision will be the Progmetal band of the new Millennium!

Tunnelvision has been founded in 1995 in Helsinki, Finland by drummer Mirka Rantanen, keyboard player Kari Tornack and vocalist Marko Waara. They decided to form a band to play music between Heavy Metal and Progressive Rock. Since 1999, after trying numerous guitarists and bass players, the final line-up includes also Juhani Malmberg on guitar and Lauri Porra on bass guitar.

The album will be pre-released in Finland on RectAngular in a special limited edition. The Digipack will exclusively feature one additional track. This edition will also be available via our mailorder service. Don't miss it!


  • Lauri Porra - Bass
  • Juhani Malmberg - Guitars
  • Marko Waara - Vocals
  • Kari Tornack - Organ and Synthesizers
  • Mirka Rantanen - Drums

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