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Cover: Sylvan - Encounters



(SKAN 8225.AR)

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"All that is heavenly used to be her domain, air being her garment and light being her face. Sent out by the sun and protected by the moon, she was nothing less than perfection, immaculate and pure. Whereas he had been blessed with a passionate heart, fire and water had been united in his interior and carried out an eternal fight for the soil that was giving shape to his appearance."

On their second album 'Encounters', the German band Sylvan from Hamburg delights us with a story about the elemental forces between two extremely different characters. They feel attracted to each other in a mysterious way, they find each other and eventually they merge into a totally new kind of life.

This new masterpiece of Progressive Rock consists of twelve majestic songs, joined into a marvellous concept. Hovering guitar sounds contrast with more aggressive parts - bombastic keyboards meet atmospheric melodies and complex rhythms. And once again it is the extraordinary and charismatic voice of Marco Glühmann that makes Sylvan so unique in the Progressive scene.

Driven by the tremendous success of their debut album 'Deliverance' in 1999, Sylvan now proves without a doubt that in particular a young band can add a fresh spirit to this traditional musical genre.


  • Marco Glühmann - Vocals
  • Matthias Harder - Drums
  • Kay Söhl - Guitars
  • Volker Söhl - Keyboards

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