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Cover: Crises - Broken Glass


Broken Glass

(SKAN 8210.AR)

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Do you know that "Life" your existence is a fragile beauty? A work of art in which we can't understand or know the exact moment in which we could say we went from only breathing flesh into living, thinking, feeling, breathing, human souls. And that our lives are like a crystal vase so pure and fragile that it is almost unseen.

CRISES, a progressive metal/rock band formed in 1995, released a self-titled demo CD which set the dream in motion for the band to bring to the fans of metal and progressive, their messages of understanding and awareness of life's fragile moments. With their second CD "Broken Glass" they make the parallel of our lives to glass. Bringing to the surface personal experiences sometimes disguised in a situation which relates more to the masses. With songs such as "Save Me" , taken from the death of a friend from a suicide, to "The Blame", a song about living with extreme guilt, "The Only One", a story about a person's confusion with the medical condition of schizophrenia, "Am I Awake", the loss of a loved one and the disbelief they are gone, "Last Candle", man's technology spinning out of control and the feelings of hopelessness. CRISES brings to the front the feelings and apprehensions most people try to suppress, and with the hearing of the CD you realize you are not alone with these feelings.

Hearing the bombastic power of CRISES songs, superbly crafted with warm melodic parts and melodies which go direct to the message and feeling of the text, you will find in some song something that relates to you personally.

CRISES is made up of five guys which are international, coming from the countries of America, Germany, and Czech. Coming together to bring you the music which has messages for the world.

The multi-talented musicians are Ondrej Hurbanic on acoustic and electric guitars, keyboards and backing vocals, Thomas Abts on drums and percussion, Marko Brenzinger on acoustic and electric guitars, and keyboards, Pavel Hurcik on bass, and Russell Gray on lead and background vocals, trumpet and keyboards. Ondrej and Thomas are the longest in the band forming a progressive band under the name of "Primeridian". Russell came to the band in 1995 with the beginning of "CRISES" due to personal changes. The band reformed once more in 1997 bringing in Marko on keyboards, and Pavel on the bass. The band writes the songs together bringing to the front each of their talents and creativity to contribute together a sound that meshes as a single unit, with influences from bands such as Dream Theater, Fates Warning, Rush, Journey, Asia and many others. The melodies are sung in a style which are easier to remember, crossing over catching the people from all genre of music styles. Underneath the music still appeals to the metal/rock progressive fans with different changing rhythms, power and complexity, with the vocals with their melodic form disguising the difficulty and complexity of the music so you can concentrate on the message of the text while the feeling of the music remains intact.

We know that the listening of this CD will be more then just a musical experience, but will also bring to you the awareness of life's crises. And the feelings of the whole world. With each new CD we will bring to you more of life's complex, difficult, or fragile moments. Share with us in our experiences with our new CD "Broken Glass"


  • Russel Gray - Vocals
  • Ondrej Hurbanic - Guitars
  • Pavel Hurcik - Bass
  • Marko Brenzinger - Keyboards
  • Thomas Abts - Drums / Percussion

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