Items of the past:

CRISES - Broken Glass
CROMWELL - Burning Banners
ETERNITY X - Mind Games
GREYHAVEN - Greyhaven
HAGEN - Corridors Of Time
INDISCIPLINED LUCY - About The Black Eyed Girl
LANA LANE - Garden of the Moon
LAST TURION - Seduction Overdose
MEGACE - Inner War
NO NAME - The Other Side
NO NAME - The Secret Garden
PANGAEA - Welcome To The Theatre ...
RELAYER - Last Man On Earth
RELAYER - The Teething Fashion
SIGNS OF LIFE - A Tribute to Pink Floyd
SYLVAN - Deliverance
SYLVAN - Encounters
TORNADO - Triumph Of The King
TRAUMHAUS - Traumhaus
TUNNELVISION - while the world awaits
TWILIGHT GUARDIANS - Tales of the brave
VANISHING POINT - in thought
ZIFF - Sanctuary
ZIFF - Stories



SKAN 8200.AR

We are proud to present to you the long awaited debut of the German band with a cult reputation. Discover 14 fascinating stories from the Book of Life, joined together into the concept album 'Stories'. Splendid guitars, keyboards excelling in building spellbinding melodies. Fired by their enthusiasm coupled with their technical skills, the musicians create brilliant neoprogressive pieces, in which you will notice an excellent guitarist and surprising musical breaks. To be discovered!Don't miss 'Stories' - The Book of Life is waiting for you...
  • CD Tip of the Month in EMPIRE / Germany Nr. 2/95
  • "... earns the commendation <highly recommended>." (Spellbound Nr. 4)
  • "... a promising start from both Ziff and Angular." (Frontiers Nr. 6)



SKAN 8201.AR
No Name
Secret Garden

The second album of this famous band from Luxembourg offers 63 min. of excellent progressive rock. Enjoy the two epic tracks, taking you around the world with the 'Orient Express' and the Jules Verne inspired 'A Tale of Mr. Fogg'. Don't miss this fantastic journey into the dreamworld of your imagination.
  • "No Name from the mini-state of Luxembourg have laid down several highlights of Progressive Rock on their album 'The Secret Garden'. (...) unrestricted recommendation." (Heavy Oder Was!? Nr. 6/95)
  • "A convincing second album from the Luxembourg band No Name, who with 'The Secret Garden' establish themselves a leading position amongst the numerous Progressive Rock newcomers." (Rock Hard / Germany Nr. 10/95)



SKAN 8202.AR
Last Turion
Seduction Overdose

The waiting time is over: the second, long-awaited album of the German band with a cult reputation Last Turion is available now! You'll notice that the three years recording break fully pays out, not only in the music, but also in the technical production quality. Compared to the legendary "Circle Logic" debut, the band has been able to progress even further. The 55 minutes and 10 fascinating songs of "Seduction Overdose" will spellbind any listener!
  • "Be-knighted as the best current German band!" (Empire / Germany, 4/96)



SKAN 8203.AR
The Teething Fashion

The cover artwork already hints that Relayer are not just another progressive band. You won't find any worn-out cliches of this musical style on "The Teething Fashion", but you will certainly enjoy the variety of styles presented. Whatever facet of progressive rock you are looking for - on this fascinating new album by one of the most promising US bands of the scene you will find it. Thumbs up for Relayer!
  • "... so far, Relayer is the most ambitious release of the label." (EMPIRE / Germany Nr. 3/96)
  • "Definitely one for my collection and this review is hopefully my recommendation." (Wondrous Stories, Nr. 55)



SKAN 8204.AR
Burning Banners

Are you ready for a trip into the thrilling world of emotions? Join us for a roller coaster ride through the fascinating fantasies embroidered in Burning Banners. CROMWELL - this is more than just the name of a person in the English history - it's a concept of five musicians, chosen to illustrate their deepest thoughts and courageous musical ideas. Probably quite unexpected, this neo-progressive outfit is not of British origin but has been founded in Worms / Germany four years ago.
  • "Klasse! ... die unbedingte Kaufempfehlung." (Empire 2/97)



SKAN 8205.AR

No real need to introduce Ziff again - with their successful debut they have already entered the major league of Progressive Rock bands.

We are proud to introduce their second album - Sanctuary.



SKAN 8206.AR
Eternity X
The Edge

What would it be like? What would it be like, to go insane? What would it be like to be ... on The Edge? Have you ever imagined having great wealth or amazing circumstances? Have you ever watched others in agony but could do nothing but watch? What would make you snap? What would bring you to the breaking point? What would bring you to - The Edge?
  • "Eternity X sind eine der großen Progressive Bands der 90er Jahre, aber ihre Musik sollte eigentlich allen Rock Fans gefallen. Dieses Album müßt Ihr kaufen, jeder von Euch! Dies ist eine CD, die man nicht verpassen darf ... Note A+" (HiddenTruth)
  • "Definitiv der beste Beutezug, den Dr. Stefan H. Kost bis dato getätigt hat. Danke dafür!" (Spellbound Nr. 6)



SKAN 8207.AR
Final Conflict
Stand Up

With their new sensational album Stand Up, Final Conflict from the UK re-enter the Progressive Scene again. Since 1992 we all have been waiting for their new album - and this new CD is a real powerful release proving it has been worth waiting for it!



SKAN 8208.AR
Welcome To The Theatre ...

From the United States comes the symphonic-progressive rock quartet Pangaea. The band was founded in 1987 by the brothers Schenck, Andi (drums, percussion) and Corey (keyboards, guitars). In 1988, Ron Poulsen (bass guitars) took his position in the group and early the following year, Darrell Masingale (vocals, guitars) joined and the definitive line-up was born.



SKAN 8209.AR
Eternity X

Available only on MC for a long time. Now available on CD. Also including a new bouns track



SKAN 8210.AR

Broken Glass

Do you know that "Life" your existence is a fragile beauty? A work of art in which we can't understand or know the exact moment in which we could say we went from only breathing flesh into living, thinking, feeling, breathing, human souls. And that our lives are like a crystal vase so pure and fragile that it is almost unseen.



SKAN 8211.AR


The debut album of Traumhaus: elegant sophisticated Progressive Rock - with German lyrics. The name already points to the musical direction the band has taken: profound music demanding thorough engagement by the listener. The essential song on the album is the 18 minute long track "Ausgeliefert" ('Helpless'). To summarize, all fans of the classic Anyone's Daughter albums definitely will love Traumhaus!



SKAN 8212.AR
Lana Lane
Garden of the Moon

Garden of the Moon takes the most memorable elements from Lane¹s first two releases, synthesizing the best aspects of each album. Love is an Illusion was an HR/HM phenomenon, while Curious Goods won the hearts of the progressive and art rock fans. Garden of the Moon speaks to both camps with lush, symphonic arrangements of tracks such as 'Seasons' and also with powerful, heavy rock anthems such as 'Evolution Revolution'.



SKAN 8213.AR

Could there be another world behind the mirror? Is there a door through which we can find the answers to all of our questions and a path that leads to freedom through the power of dreams? With their debut album "Deliverance", the German band Sylvan from Hamburg open the door to this hidden world for all of us. The music of Sylvan takes you onto a journey full of miracles, dreams, love, passion and fortune.



SKAN 8214.AR
No Name
The Other Side

Following their highly acclaimed release, "The Secret Garden", the Luxembourg band No Name proudly announce their brand new follow up album, "The Other Side". In the new CD, No Name shows significant creative growth from their previous albums generated by the irreplaceable experience of by playing strings of live shows with Marillion, Fish, Asia, Saga and Arena. No Name creates a new era of Symphonic Rock music!



SKAN 8215.AR
Eternity X
Mind Games

Welcome to "Mind Games"! The goal of Eternity X on this CD was to create an "air" of aggression and the feel of the games people play on each other to manipulate life's circumstances.



SKAN 8216.AR
Vanishing Point
in thought

Vanishing Point contribute an original new element to the technical field of Progressive Metal. "This five-piece could be the biggest revelation from Downunder"



SKAN 8217.AR
Inner War

A class of its own! The new killer album by one of the German legends of Progressive Thrash metal, now available on Angular Records.



DAST 8218.RA
Last Man On Earth

The third and latest CD release from this Chicago-based progressive foursome proves to be their strongest material yet.



DAST 8219.RA
Indisciplined Lucy
About The Black Eyed Girl

This album hits the world right at the end of a century full of recurring nightmares, at the end of an eventful millennium.



SKAN 8220.AR
Corridors Of Time

Hagen is the ultimate meltdown of ancient Swedish folklore and modern Metal. It's a collision at full speed which provides a violent and powerful impact. Suddenly the silent beauty of the mighty woods arises and you find yourself floating into the mist, surrounded by elves and trolls.



DAST 8221.RA

After nearly a year's worth of work and re-working on the debut CD Greyhaven is now ready to finally release their album through Angular / RectAngular. Look for an album that bends your mind into many different areas, yet keeps a uniform feel about it!



SKAN 8222.AR
Twilight Guardians
Tales of the brave

Twilight Guardians is a Finnish band that plays Melodic Powermetal. The band has been formed in late 1996 in the city of Salo in southern Finland. Twilight Guardians started to play cover songs from bands like Helloween, Stratovarius, Rage, Gamma Ray etc. The band had a very clear vision from the very beginning to play technical and very melodic Heavy Metal.



SKAN 8223.AR
while the world awaits

"While The World Awaits", Tunnelvision's debut album is a mixture of present-day's roaring guitar riffs, yesterdays retro keyboards, massive drums with thundering bass and on top of it all, Hi-Fi quality vocals. This all makes CD full of powerful Prog/Fusionmetal including impressive vocal and instrumental melodies, catchy choruses and - not to forget - perplexing symphonic details!



SKAN 8224.AR
Signs of Life
A Tribute to Pink Floyd

Pink Floyd: magical words for generations of fans and musicians. Since three decades this band has become synonymous for a unique and mystical style of music. Probably no other band has had a more enduring impact on most areas of the musical scene. For this tribute album "SIGNS OF LIFE", 21 bands from all continents have gathered and have recorded their favorite Pink Floyd songs. All these tracks are much more than just a copy of the original, each band has added its own unique spirit to give the songs a totally new perspective.



SKAN 8225.AR

On their second album 'Encounters', the German band Sylvan from Hamburg delights us with a story about the elemental forces between two extremely different characters. They feel attracted to each other in a mysterious way, they find each other and eventually they merge into a totally new kind of life.



SKAN 8226.AR
Triumph Of The King

This is the debut album of Tornado, sophisticated True Heavy Metal, with elements of Epic Power & Progressive Metal. The band's origin dates back to 1998, however, in the early days they were known only in their homeland Yugoslavia/Serbia.

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